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Kristi Roberts

Kristi Roberts

Beaverton, OR


To refresh the heart of those in my life has become a delight of my painting. Cottages, gardens, oceans, mountains, lighthouses and flowers come to life in my mind and I paint them in a majestic world of beauty.

Living in a fast-paced city has shown me how seldom, busy people get to enjoy the peace of nature. By painting peaceful vibrant landscapes it is my hope to give them a place serene and quiet that they can look to when in the midst of a busy day.

During vacations and travel through country settings, a scene will inspire me and come alive in my mind. By making mental notes, taking pictures and pondering the best features of the scene, I am able to combine nature with my own expressions to create a world all my own. I contrast a soft look to please the eye with bold colors to draw the viewer in. I use the layered effect to create a sense of distance in all my paintings.

When I had a viewer tell me that she wanted to get her cup of coffee, step into the painting and sit in the garden gazebo seat, it reinforced my joy of painting peaceful settings. People ask me what art means to me. I feel that it's the expression of nature's song through painting, where the scene leads you to the message that must be heard.

My training under an accomplished artist of 20 years taught me valuable techniques that brought my paintings to a new dimension, while my self-study gave my paintings a style all their own. I often ask God to inspire the ideas behind my art and I look forward to many more years of exploring His majestic creation through painting.



Sending My Heart by Kristi Roberts


Pastel Tulips by Kristi Roberts


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Flowing Waters by Kristi Roberts


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Through the Storm by Kristi Roberts


Hand of Protection by Kristi Roberts


Dogwood Haven by Kristi Roberts


Moonlit Splendor by Kristi Roberts


Garden Gateway by Kristi Roberts


Rose Bouquet by Kristi Roberts


The Shining Light by Kristi Roberts


Doorway to Heaven by Kristi Roberts